We provide micro cutter and driller whose shafts are controlled within 2¼(0.002mm). The micro grain tungsten carbide rods were used as raw materials, that is imported from Japan and Europe. Our precisely made products come in hole-machining which help customers to lower the cost and boots competition capability. Our offered 3-flutes drill bits are made by micro grain tungsten carbide material. It is developed with high hardness, abrasion resistance and precision in 2. These drill bits are used in drilled processing of stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium alloy, copper alloy. The 3-flutes drill bits minimum size is 0.04 mm. The minimum size of micro drill is 0.02 mm, spotting drill is 0.015mm and micro mill is 0.05 mm, respectively, and all of them are developed in Taiwan. We deliver the product line within 3 working days via DHL Express Worldwide or Amazon Fulfilment, except for remote areas. Moreover, we customize our offered drill, mills cutter length, nick length, nick diameter and point angle as per clients request. Additionally, we offering custom tool designing services at competitive prices.

Limited market scope has never profited much to any business entity. The reason apart from being a manufacturer, trader or a distributor, companies with single or more than one NOBs (Nature Of Business), is satisfactorily adding Exporter in their business nature to earn fruitful gains from overseas opportunities. Our company looking at the beneficial advantages of doing business overseas, works as an Exporter and shares close coordination with many international clients. We provide professional quality tools for all types and sizes that suit various precision industries.

Effective Teamwork

It is a common fact that companies which adopt individual working over team working are sure to witness less growth opportunities than the enterprises which adopt the latter option. Our company lies in the line of latter option adopting firms which are well-aware of how important effective teamwork is. We are having a team of 50 individuals who work as one single team to attain set organizational goals. They collaboratively work to accomplish allotted business tasks in less time possible.

Global Marketing Planning

We have received much benefit of doing business overseas in the form of extended market share and customer base. Adopting global marketing planning has netted us large profited amount in the form of huge annual export turnovers.

Below mentioned are few strategies we have formed to overcome global challenges and operate smoothly in global marketplaces:

  • Innovation- We have incorporated latest machines, especially imported from Switzerland to produce offerings which are worthy enough to perform heavy drilling, cutting and other industrial works of international and domestic engineering companies.
  • Deep Market Research- Before launching range in foreign markets, we study deeply about their nature and market structure. Since customers needs and preferences can be very different from country to country, we focus majorly upon product opportunities and chalk out requirements of business units in whose industrial works, our offerings are applicable.
  • Synergism Between Domestic and Overseas Operations-  We are well-acquainted with the fact that  effective global marketing strategy brings about synergistic benefits to the company as a whole. By developing sales operations on a global platform, our company has earned global market recognition that also aids it to build a reputable brand name in domestic regions as customers give extra point to exporting units with reputed market status.